Thursday, 28 May 2015


Hello fashionistas
Hope your week was awesome.Finally Friday is almost here, time to catch up with any tv show i have missed,my twin finishes her exams tomorrow she has been so MIA everytime reading and reading at atleast now she can be back to her normal self.Today were are  showing  a look perfect for to the office on a casual friday.On Friday for most working places you have the freedom to be abit more creative  and  have fun when it come to office ,you can go semi official.
This look is simple ,chic and sosphicated too.Paired my skinny pants with an oversize shirt ,animal prints shoes and offcourse my latest obession ***lips printed clutch***.(Next time i will add a  coloured belt just to add a little bit of colour).I love black and white outfits something about them i  can't resist .You can see how i have styled this shirt before Here
Current obession
Recently got two kitten as you can see from the last picture.I can't help but   stare at them they are so adorable and  sweet.All they love to do is play ,play and sleep.(well they eat too)So far i have taken so many picture & mine videos of them i just can't help myself.

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Monday, 25 May 2015


Happy Monday Loves, 
We hope that your week is  off to a  great. Today we are sharing a simple pairing of this beautiful black faux leather leggings and an over sized shirt. Very easy to put together and totally love the outcome.One of the sparks about being  fashionbloggers is that we always try to do something new and push ourselves outside our comfort zone.I wasn't such a big fan of darker lipstick shades ,i always stuck to pink or red but lately i have grown to love them.I fell that they add that edgy feel to any look(well kinda dramatic)and one gets to stand out more.Am loving my short unkempt hair day after day, and for this look i added a scarf.Love this  black faux leather leggings they are so awesome,the fit is just perfect and the zippers at the bottom just tops it all .Don't forget to stop by our instagram for more updates. How do you like this look?

Friday, 22 May 2015


Hello fashionistas.
Hope you all had a wonderful week.The weather is here is so unpredictable,one moment is sunny and the next is raining cats and dogs.For me that doesn't really bother me that much as  most of the time am indoors so i don't have to worry about being rained on or crazy traffic once it rains,
I really don't go out that much (clubbing)but when i do ,i do it in style.I consider myself as an indoor person,there is something about loud music that make me sleepy and  after a few hours out am always glancing at my watch.Perfect look to go dancing right?I had so much fun putting this look together ,i think its chic .This fur vest is currently my best.The funny thing is that i got it from a store called woolworths and  in the kids section.Am  loving this set of rings from Tmart.They are so beautiful and for sure can't get enough of them.I got 6 of them and well i couldnt wear all of them at ago.You can check out the site so many choices to choice from.

I think am in love.The kind of love that is not quiet often.In love with this new telenovela QUEEN OF HEARTS.As a big fan of Telemundo this show is beyond amazing.Few episodes down the line and am drawn by it.The theme song its self is something else.Bailando by Enrique Iglesias in a perfect choice.Well if you are a frequent reader you know we love telemundo,you can check out another post we had written here. Any fans of this new telemundo show  do you prefer the queen of hearts or the queen of diamonds?

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Thursday, 21 May 2015


Today  we are  showing you a site that i am  growing to  love.
Since i discovered  cocomelody,not a single day  has passed without me checking out the beautiful dresses.It has a wide range of dresses  such as Wedding dresses, brides maids dresses and mother of the bride.You can be able to find a dress for any occassion and the accessories too.Its easy to access  in the sense that it loads fast. Don't we all love sites that loads fast?


This convertible bridesmaid dress is for sure my best.You can style it in so many different ways.A versatile piece that is a must have and one that you can wear over and over again.
On the site you can be able to view a video on the different ways how you can wear it.It come in 36 different  colours, awesome right?The way they have taken their time to shoot a video and show how you can style this dress differently is something that made me fall in love with Cocomelody .Its not something you find normally on other sites but this shows they really care about their customers and they would go out their way to make sure  that each of them is happy.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Hello fashionistas,
Today it's something abit different.Pakistani girl.One of my sister's came with this top from Pakistan and i was blown away by it's beauty.I couldn't stop staring literaly.For a long time now i have loved Pakistan fashion clothes and when i knew she was going there ,she certainly had to bring back a souvenir.Am obssesed with the pattern in this top.I paired it with my  faux leather leggings and a hijab(Just between me and you i guess next time  before rocking this look i will have to watch the many youtube clips on  how to style a hijab)I think for a first timer it came  out ok right?For the accessories i kept them minimal just a few rings and a grey handbag .Perfect look for brunch.I love this tights so much,have actually worn them before here  
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Monday, 18 May 2015


Hello fashionistas
Today its all about these beautiful homecoming dresses.So many beautiful dresses that left me spechless.I know it takes a long time to find the perfect dress for any event but today we are showing you some ideas that you may end up liking.As we know,the fashionable homecoming dress could be long or even shorter,the most important thing is to pick a perfect dress and have fun.
There are so many  short homecoming dresses to choose from.Dresses that are for sure very sylish and cute too.Getting the right color,it sometimes could be quite magical or a nightmare.Well once you  browse through you will notice the array of colours they have,so many beautiful shades

Friday, 15 May 2015

Tulle Top and Leggings.

Hello Everyone,
Today we are sharing this pairing of a tulle top with some leggings. The sheer polka dot top is actually on its own so i can style it with something else but i bought the two of them as a pair, so normally i pair the tulle top with the polka dot one. Am wearing rings from Tmart, check out their rings collections I can promise you, you will like and their prices are affordable too. We actually got two pairs we will share the others in the next post.I love rings they are such a nice way to accessorize and this ones surely adds that wow factor.I can for sure bet they are going to be a conversation starter.  Oooh, What do you think of my new hairdo? My twin had something very interesting to say when she saw what i had done.For our daily updates checkus out on Instagram as glamourzone01