Glamour ZONE
when you are not sure of what to wear go red, you can never go wrong. Red is a bold colour which makes a statement and attracts much attention. Brings images on foreground. it can be accessories, shoes, gowns, dresses to even lipstick. On the red carpet many celebrities are going for red it for it is a stand out colour. KRISTEN STEWARD IN RED.
kristen steward wears a deep plugging red dress while attending the Cosmopolis" premiere at Cannes to supportRobbert Pattinson a very low cut neckline showing too much skin contrary to what we are used to seeing her in. the back of the dress had a pretty lace detailing and was transcendent wish we could have seen more of the shoe.
CATDEELEY on the red carpet Emmys 2012
Beyonce in red
Red Blazer
Naomi Clark on 90210,
Tyra Banks in a red blouse
usher in red shoes
Scott Disick in red shoes
Kanye West in red during the MTV video awards.
Ed -Chuck Bass in a red shirt- Gossip Girl.

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