Monday, 29 April 2013

final days

Hi fashionistas ?This is one of the looks i wore just before clearing school.
The look is actually simple ,i love the way the floral prints on the skirt blended with my tank top,although i must say it was abit hard to keep the skirt down because it kept on being blown by wind ,so maybe next time will wear it with stockings.
For the accessories i kept it minimal.Hope you enjoy the photos.Cheers!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Little White Dress

Hello Fashionistas, hope your week is going great, this is another one of my school looks. A back to basics look. Black and white. Almost done with Law School yeeeh.......... My pals Keith and ROZY were the photographers of the day. thanks guys, lots of LOVE.  I took the the pictures with a Galaxy Tablet and the weather kept changing so some are brighter than others. there isn't much to say about the outfit choose the shoes because they have the white stripes which make them so unique. Hope you enjoy the pictures. thanks for stopping by. XOXO.

My pals KEITH and ROZY.
Of me and KEITH.
Follow us we follow back. Kisses from KENYA.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Rain Over Me

Hi fashionistas, i hope that you are having a great week. This is a simple school outfit. its been raining heavily and non stop but lucky enough this day there were some  sun and i got a pal of mine to take the pictures just around the school. love the detail of the skirt at the front. the bag is actually orange but due to the reflection it may look different in some pictures. the scarf is my best of all. its chiffon and long enough.

THANKS for stopping by. hope you liked the pictures. XoXo.