Lipstick Obsession


Happy monday everyone.Yesternight i was reading a research article on lipstick that was done to determine whether guys do like a woman with lipstick on or not and i thought its would be fun to do a post on lipstick.It turns out most guys like it,see what some had to say :

we (my twin & i) think that lipstick is a must have in every lady‘s bag,for us we cant step out of the house having not applied it whether its nude,red,pink ,brown....we just love it.  Have a lovely week. Till next time stay in fashion. Cheers

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  1. Fun post! I prefer lipstick over lipgloss, but unfortunately I'm not confident enough to wear bold colors on my lips so I'll stick to the quite natural and light shades.
    **Demi V.**

  2. Ah, thanks for confirming, that it´s good idea that I wear lipstick daily! Now I hope only that I have chosen the right colour ;)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Lipstick can really make a diference :)

  4. Great post, I personally love plum shade and crimson red lipsticks, they just complete me.

  5. Hi:)
    Cool post! I like both, lipstick & lipgloss:)
    Kisses from Germany- Anna

  6. I love lipsticks, lip-gloss. But I's so shy to wear it. Only when I go out I would wear it. Well not all the time.
    Great article

    Happy Monday

  7. Seriously love the pictures!
    Mafalda ❤

  8. it is so true before I would wear lip-gloss all the time.. but about 3 years ago all suddenly it changed into bold lipsticks! I guess I grow up to it :)


  9. Nice post, dear!

  10. Thanks for stopping by at my blog, love the post on lipsticks.

    I just followed you now on bloglovin'

    Chris x

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