Saturday, 28 September 2013

Polka Love.

i paired the ragged pants with a polka dot top , some trends like polka dots are there to stay in fashion for long. wore this outfit to an outing with my twin. I love the doll shoes very handy when much walking is involved. like this day 
I had on heels but after so much walking and scorching sun i couldnt take it anymore.
Am also a huge fan of button up shirts
frequent pants on the blog. 
We both,my twin and 
I seem to be drawn to the same kind of things and we normally end up buying the same things and wearing the same outfits. on this day she wore her pants with a white top. posted ealier.and i styled mine with the polka.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Primetime Emmy‘s 2013

Hello fashion friends.
They did it again.Glamoured on the red carpet. its always all about detail.the hair,makeup,accessories,the shoeswhich o
htt-head to toe. I love it when
Guliana tells them go walk their fingers to show the pedicure  and the ring.
I thought she looked transcendent in the gown ,Kelly and Ross too.Here are some of the Emmy‘s looks we loved ,enjoy the pictures.
the hidden side slit was just perfect.not the usual mermaid looks we are used to.  
loved alot the neck detail. 
like always she was fab
her first time to the emmys and looked this good.
whose gown did you love most? we look forward to reading what you think.
Thanks alot for your comments in our earlier post, we hold close to our hearts all those who were affected by the terrorist attack in my country
#westgatemall# keeping you in our prayers.Till next time stay in fashion.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Day of Terror

As I write this now, my country is under attack from terrorists. There was an attack yesterday at Westgate Mall.  One of the busiest malls in the country. This weekend has been very trying for us, some people are still been held captive while 40 people have been confirmed dead.  Condolences goes to all those who have lost their loved ones and quick recovery to the injured. We pray that the police is able to resolve the matter. Please join us in prayers for my country,
Love, Carole

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Bowtie Event

Hello loves, weekend is finally here, hoping your week has been great. last weekend we attended cocktail and bowties event. this was actually their 3rd event ,great because they were announcing face of bowtie. the event was great, some moments in between when i wished there was more, but over all it was an awesome event. 
with a pals Sam and 
other looks that we liked
check out their bowties website here
Till next time stay in fashion.thanks so much for visiting we look forward to reading your  comments.cheers

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Scott Disick Style

Happy Friday.

Endless hours spent in watching keeping up with the
Kardashians we cant help it but fall in love with his impeccable style.Dont you just love his style always so polished be it casual or official. Lord Disick really know his style we love the way he adds colour in his outfit
''whoever said real men dont wear pink,obviously didnt know any real men‘‘ Scott Disick
I  believe fashion is all about individuality and he said fashion is not a game its a lifestyle.
we hope you enjoyed this inspiration style.
Thanks alot for you lovely comments on our previous post. Have a lovely weekend Till next time stay in fashion.