Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Obsession: CAPE

                                                       Hi EVERYONE,

I have to admit that i am currently obsessed with this cape. i just cant get enough of it. the word obsessed reminds me of kelly Osbourne  and fashion TV hope when it resumes in september( that is if it does) it will be great as it was during Joan Rivers time. I am sharing three looks all revolving around the same cape, i am in love with it, many other looks are not even photographed. what do you take on capes and how would you style one? share with us which look you like most. Don't forget us on instagram for mor updates.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Hair Things

Hi Everyone,
today's post is about hair.Its true that having a bad hair day can really be frustrating making one loose the self confidence.Hair is an important thing especially to us ladies. its a main part of looking good.am sure no lady well most ladies can't leave the house without checking how they look..
For us we love trying to different hairstyles. our style is always evolving from short, bonding or even coloring.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Happy Hour

Hello Everyone, 
Toda,y we are sharing some dresses that would be awesome for a cocktail party. what's a cocktail party without a perfect cocktail dress? Surely a must have. You never know when you need to rock one. So we gone ahead and created a collage of some pretty ones ,one can never have enough dresses. we know the dilemma we get into when deciding what to wear. Having a few is a solution in giving options. we introduce to you  http://www.cheap-dressuk.co.uk/ which has vvery beautiful dresses for any occasion
Any shade of blue is a definetly a favourite .You can find this and more dress 
You can`t only get cocktail dresses but also dinner dresses,bridesmaids ,wedding and prom dresses too.You can also  be  assured  to get long dresses  available.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Current Mood

Hi loves, 
Am loving this kind of outfits of late. its perfect for the current weather in my country. Its also easy to put together. the top can be restyled with skirt for an official look. i love the platforms worn with the leggings but i would opt for the boot. I find them so comfortable. My go to outfit while lunching, when i have nothing else in mind to wear. All this items can be found in Zaful

Thursday, 26 March 2015

My Life As A Twin

Hi loves,
Hope you are enjoying the week and the this month. Well today's post is kind of a special post which we really enjoyed working on. Been a twin is kind of a special actually i think kind of is not appropriate BEEN A TWIN IS A SPECIAL THING.  Most of the time people as us how it feels to have a twin. We have answered some the questions that we are  asked oftenly. see more of our activities on instagram glamourzone01  we have made some changes to the blog can you tell? 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Online Shopping.

Hello Everyone,
Today post is about shopping, mostly online shopping. We have included some of our online purchases. I am 95% certain, that all fashion lovers love online shopping. I don't know how i survived before i knew how easy it is to just click and have something delivered. But with time i have come to realize that
with  one can really get a good deal, if you do your homework well, you definately get what you are looking for and at a cheaper price. Well who doesn't love shopping at the comfort of their seats?

Sunday, 22 March 2015


Happy new week everyone.
Today's look is all white glam from the pants ,the jacket to the phone.
Love the idea of white on white  combo i think its awesome.Am not  a big fan of white pants as a matter of fact i have only two i find white such  unforgiving colour. To break up the white on white(well if you can see my phone is also in white) i wore my red top which also ended up adding a touch of colour.I love adding a layer of necklaces to my looks i think it adds that edgy feeling.This look is perfect for the church or even office.Catch us on INSTAGRAM as GLAMOURZONE01.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Fun with Ballons

Hi Loves, 

when your house is full of kids you never know what you will find. These balloons came in handy and we decided to do a quick fun shoot just in the house. i remember laughing so much as we did this shoot.  see more of our activities on instagram glamourzone01

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Hello Everyone,

Today's post is all about this beautiful prom dresses fromhttp://www.promtimes.co.uk/.I can't stop staring at them.They are surely a show stopper.The title of the post is prom dresses 2015 but it doesn't mean they can only be worn for a prom,on the contray there are so many occasions where this dresses are suitable such as wedding. I am currently smitten by this first one. Red been the colour of love. This gown is not only perfect for prom, but also for a night out for an elegant event . I love the colour and the off shoulder makes it more sexy. you will not only find prom dress from this online shop but also evening dresses and bridesmaids dresses.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Yellow and Beige Affair.

Hi loves, 

today its a yellow and a beige combination. Methinks yellow is a happy colour,
 since even its the colour of sun. i paired this yellow dress with this sandals for a chic look. 
Which have become one of my favourite, i tend to pick them most the times of late. i love the gathers in the dress makes the dress unique. Anyway we hope you are enjoying your weekend. Let us know what you think of this look. follow us on INSTAGRAM as glamourzone01 for more updates.

Thursday, 12 March 2015


Happy Friday everyone.
Hope you all had a lovely week. Can`t believe the weekend is already here for sure the time is really passing quite fast.
In love with this look its so simple and very chic.It`s part of Kenyan blogger challenge: Styling a skater skirt.When I saw this wedges and the skirt it was love at first I couldn't just leave them behind.This skirt is surely a conversation starter  I think the floral part makes it even more beautiful.I accessorised with a few necklaces.The first picture is for sure my best i believe laughter is the best medicine.For the people who knows me ,know how much i love laughing.Can just say am a happy soul.Hope you love this pairing as much as we do
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Monday, 9 March 2015


Today we show you an office look.Mostly i don't dress in official attire but I think it looks very chic.A pair of tailored pants,white vest top and a blazer isn't this the perfect pairing .I accessories with simple set of earrings and a necklace and a big black handbag.Catch us on INSTAGRAM as GLAMOURZONE01

Saturday, 7 March 2015


Today we show our latest favourites.A few things we are obssesed with from lipstick colour ,watch to earring.
I When it comes to fashion my twin and i tend to have similar taste in almost everything.Well i have noticed my twin (carole john) is nowdays trying to experiment with darker lipstick shades while as for me am still glued to the brighter ones like orange,pink red so i guess thats one major way to tell us apart.
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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Lets go Dancing

Hi loves, 

Todays post is a quick one. Hope you are enjoying this new month.
 This outfit just makes me want to dance. I just love the structure of the tops bottom . 
I paired it with some sheer legging and some platforms. This look is perfect for going out dancing.Hope you enjoy the pictures.
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Monday, 2 March 2015


Happy new month 
For this look am obessed with  these ragged pants.They are a conversation starter.Simple pairing and yet so stylish.I literally put this look together in  less than ten minutes.My go to outfit.A pair of skinny pants and a simple top.Am loving this shade of lipstick of late a little bit daring.Well for  the title is from the series EMPIRE cant get enough of it.Isn't awesome?If you havent watched it yet we (my twin and i ) recommend you get a copy and you wont be dissappointed.
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