Thursday, 30 April 2015

Nude tones: Plaid & Florals

Hello Fashion Bunnies,

hope your week is going on well, long weekend ahead tomorrow been a holiday. Today we are playing with neutral tones. I love brown i find it quite a settled colour. added some colour with this floral pumps. 

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                                            Hi loves,

Today we are sharing some items that are in our wishlist. some cool items for putting in the handbag. How cute are this wallets? i thought they would look good in my handbag so i made some purchases and decided to share with you. This wallets caught my eye because of the graphic. so pretty and make a statement. Can even be carried on their own. Below are the types available for this wallet. I hope they look as they do in the picture. will surely share some pics once we receive them.Isn't this first stunning.
This for sure a beauty.You see it here and also check on the other colours they have.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Hello everyone.
Today we are focussing on these beautiful dresses that will wow you.The designs,colou,r every single detail has been made to perfection.Some of us may struggle to find it hard to find that perfect dress but well here are some of the dresses that will for sure help you.This dresses  from will blow your mind out.Talk of a sweetheart neckline,Strappless,Mermaid dresses ,shear,beaded,dropped waist,empire waist any dress you ever dreamt of.Whether you its satin or silk for fabric you got it.Isn't the above  dress breathtaking. 
You can see this beautiful dress here

Sunday, 26 April 2015


Happy new week fashionistas.
Today's ootd is just a simple casual look maybe preferred for the weekend.What to wear on the weekend.This is the first time  tucking in my jeans and i think it came  out  pretty awesome.Off course i added some necklaces.For our local readers we recently launched our online shop glamourglitzstyle where we stock most of the pieces you see on the blog.Pieces such as capes,lace skirts and dresses,handbags and much more to come.We intend to bring you the latest fashionashable pieces and more to that show you how to style them.Couldn't get any cooler than that  and offcourse at a reasonable price.Feel free to browse and check it out,do give us your thoughts.
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Thursday, 23 April 2015


Hello Everyone,

Hope you are doing great. Am in love with this stripes paired together, first time doing it and i like the outcome. I love the fur top of the sweater, i find myself touching it all the time.Of late this are my to go shoes. Don't forget to stop by our instagram for more updates.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Hello everyone
Hope you enjoyed our twin post.Today we show you one of the easiest way to pair a knitted sweater.Knit sweater is  one of those pieces that most of us tend to keep off due to the fear of looking pluffy .Well a nice trickis to add a belt to clinch that waist.Finally i was able to quest my thirst for knee length boot.I found this on major sale 70% off ,i couldn't resist them.Have been fancing knee length boots for so  long and now i cant wait totry different pairing.  Are they breathtaking?The higher the better.What a nice way to pair them with this skinny pants and an oversize sweater belted up. Its getting cold here so its that time for us to take out those sweaters,capes,trenchs just any warm fashionable piece of clothing to keep warm.
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Sunday, 19 April 2015

My Shadowself

Hello everyone,
Thanks to all of you who wished us happy birthday we had so much cake .Today we bring you another twin shoot.Our lovely niece decided to join us as we were  shooting this look and of course we couldnt say no. she is so adorable, i always want to squeeze her so tight. 
What inspires us most when it comes to fashion?
Mostly blogs, we have a few  that we literally stalk and  always look forward to when they post.  we watch  a lot of fashion tv and read magazines too.
Do you always dress the same?
Sometimes we do and this attracts a lot of attention. we tend to like the same things, if we do buy the exact same thing  they  differ slightly.
Do you  fight?
Not really.It doesnt get to the  point where we fight or we start retorting back.

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Friday, 17 April 2015


Hope you had a lovely week.This is a special weekend to us as its our birthday on sunday cant wait to celebrate.Today its all about  this look i wore to go for lunch with my twin.Its always nice going for lunch /brunch with my her we talk unstop and we get to confuse some few people especially when we have similiar hairstyles. Since i got this shoes am totally obsessed cant stop wearing them.I paired this floral skirt with a vest top and a layer of necklaces that i also cant also refrain from.The weather here is abit unpredicatable so i carried a blazer.Come back on Sunday to check our second post about twins where we talk alittle about ourselves.

I believe laughter is the medicine to the soul.
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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Wedding dresses

Wedding day its the most important day when it come to us ladies(Well most ladies)A day that we have pictured over and over again.Getting the perfect dress is surely a good kickstart to next chapter of life.You dont wanna look back and start having regrets and questions regarding the dress.
For those wedding or planning to wed any time soon today we dedicate this post to you,we introduce you to an amazing site that is wedding dresses and also show you a few dresses that will leave you mesmerised and ones that wont break the bank.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Hi lovies,
 Of late am so obsessed with capes.Think they are so stylish they do remind me of gossip girl(Blair Waldorf) ,scadal(Olivia pope) and of course Victoria beckham who i love and adore so much.She is well know for rocking capes.They are so easy to style maybe over pants,dress or even over a skirt as here.we created a casusl chic look and i geuss we nailed it.A neon green skirt paired with a glamourzone tee,a few accessories and  the cape on it.Its so elegant and chic.Cape are for sure a must have for any fashionista out there.Dont they scream high fashion?You can check another way we styled a cape here . Don't forget to follow our instagram for more update instagram

Monday, 13 April 2015

Hair obsession

Hi fashionistas,
Hope you had a lovely weekend. we all know how important it is to look pull together from head to toe, and how much weight first impressions carry.   to us hair is so important. looking good with unkempt hair spoils the whole look. .Today we are introducing you to this  amazing site which has a wide range of clip ins,extensions and weave.Clip ins are surely my best ,they are so easy to fix within seconds and you are ready to go.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Happy Weekend Dolls

Hello Fashion Bunnies,

A quick hello and we hope that you are doing okay.
 Here is how a typical weekend looks for us.On a lazy day in the house we read, catch up with series and movies. and the fun part hang out with my nieces.  my twin here looks like she still  sleepy .what do you do on those lazy days you stay at home?  Don't to stop by our instagram for more updates.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Details: Lace skirt, Paris sweater & Floral shoes

Hello Fashion Bunnies,
 Am making this post as i listen to some Boyce Avenue  playlist, i can't believe i just discovered them and how coincidental it was. I stopped by our photographer studio and he was listening to this. If you know of other such kind of Acoustic Music please share with us. The sound of instruments just takes me to another world ( smiley face) On to  today's outfit we are sharing a simple look what to wear to office on a friday. This skirt is my latest acquisition.  I think this paring is perfect for a dress down Friday at work and this sweater reminds me of my dream to go see the elf tower.  Can't wait to do more styling with it. Don't forget to follow us on instagram for more updates. 

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Prom Dresses for All Body Types.

Hello Fashion Bunnies, 
i hope take you are doing great and you enjoyed your Easter Holiday and the Egg Hunts 
 today we are sharing these Cheap Prom Dresses  from JD Dresses. I especially love this  A line gown with lace details. Black been one of my favorite colours. i love the detailing of this gown conservative yet very chic and sexy   .

Monday, 6 April 2015


Today we are showing you 1 SKIRT 3 WAYS,3  different ways we have styled this black tutu skirt. I love this tutu  skirt its so stylish and you can pair it with so many pieces such as a sweater,a crop top,a tee -shirt,a vest top and layer a jacket on top the options are endless.There is just so many ways you can have fun with it.When we were shooting this we had planned like 6 different ways but we ran out time 3 is still ok right?The skirt has three layers which makes it abit puffy but since i wanted mine to be more i took it to my tailor to be added another layer.
 For the first  look we paired it with our glamourzone tee and a pair of sneakers we wanted recreate a laidback look and layered a necklace.It turned up awesome.Check us out on Instagram as glamourzone01.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Black & Pink

Hi Loves,

Some of you may have seen what is going on in my country in the news. An attack happened Wednesday in Campus. Where 147 people lost their lives. Our Prayers and Thoughts go to their families, May God help them overcome this.
 Onto today's look, this  is a very comfortable look.. An ankle length skirt paired with a cropped and some flat shoes. I love the fitting of the skirt and how it clings on the body although its a little hard to walk in because its tight at the bottom am actually considering putting a slit on it. Am always lifting it up as i walk or taking baby steps. (ha haha) . Don't forget to follow us on Instagram 

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Tucked in Knits

Happy Easter Friday,


Hope you are enjoying the Easter holiday. Today's look is a trend i have
 been dying to try out for a while now.Tucked in knits .I was given this sweater
 as a present its a size bigger but i love it. You can check out how i have styled this sweater  before HERE but i always wear it with it leggings so i decided to try something different. Am glad i took the risk and tried out this pairing it totally paid out.What do
 you guys think? I personally think its a sophisticated look, one i can wear to church. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram  as glamourzone01 for more of our updates.