Thursday, 30 April 2015


                                            Hi loves,

Today we are sharing some items that are in our wishlist. some cool items for putting in the handbag. How cute are this wallets? i thought they would look good in my handbag so i made some purchases and decided to share with you. This wallets caught my eye because of the graphic. so pretty and make a statement. Can even be carried on their own. Below are the types available for this wallet. I hope they look as they do in the picture. will surely share some pics once we receive them.Isn't this first stunning.
This for sure a beauty.You see it here and also check on the other colours they have.

In love with this ,the colours are  so stunning.

the second item  on our wishlist is this coin purse. Available in 5 colours. 

See this here .

This is for sure my best.  I love that cat print idea.You can browse and check it here 
If you are looking for one of this items don't hesitate to stop by 
Thanks for stopping by. We send you lots of tight hugs. 
From the glamour twins 
Carole & Juelz


  1. La del gatito me ha enamorado!!!!

  2. I adore the wallets... such a cute design with landmarks like the Eiffel Tower... some really great choices here xox

  3. Love these items! So nice!

    XO Imke //

  4. Lovely!! Want them too!

  5. love the Paris planner

  6. What a nice wishlist!

  7. Nice selection :)

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  8. Beautyful! I love all of this)))

  9. thanks you so much for the lovely comment
    it means so much <3
    your blog is nice too

    hope you like my newest post as well <3

  10. Wow!! how beautiful are they! they look perfect in each own little way. Wishlists are great because they give us inspiration and help us look for what's ahead :) have a beautiful day loves!!!

    love lots,

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  12. Nice purse collection with standard color variants. The kitty heads models are so adorable.