Monday, 18 May 2015


Hello fashionistas
Today its all about these beautiful homecoming dresses.So many beautiful dresses that left me spechless.I know it takes a long time to find the perfect dress for any event but today we are showing you some ideas that you may end up liking.As we know,the fashionable homecoming dress could be long or even shorter,the most important thing is to pick a perfect dress and have fun.

There are so many  short homecoming dresses to choose from.Dresses that are for sure very sylish and cute too.Getting the right color,it sometimes could be quite magical or a nightmare.Well once you  browse through Prom Dresses 2016 you will notice the array of colours they have,so many beautiful shades

I love the detailing of this white homecoming dress,its  well covered up yet very chic and sexy.You can see more at  Dresses of Girl  .

This top one is  a show stopper.Indeed just breathtaking.
This mighty be about  homecoming dress but the options where this beautiful dresses can be worn are limitless .You can rest  assured taht whether its  a dress for  prom,wedding reception,eveining parties name it you got. I am currently smitten by this one. This shade of pink is my best.Can't stop staring at it and the upper details and the bodice is mesmerising.Perfect  for  that  an elegant event . 

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  1. Amazing how prom dresses have evolved into glamorous pieces like these.

  2. Lovely and great, dear, thank you for visiting my blog. Pls, keep in touch, dear.

  3. super fabulous dresses
    I wish you an happy start of week darling
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  4. Love those dresses!! Really like the first one :)

    Johanna from ShoppingMeadow

  5. lovely post :)


  6. gorgeous and fabs dresses!

  7. Highly recommend this elegant little black dress.

  8. El primero es el que más me ha gustado!

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  10. Marvelous dresses ! The first one is gorgeous :)

  11. The green dress is so chic!

  12. Black Prom Dresses are full of energetic and lively. Yellow is the color that warm and like sunflower, we also want to smile in Yellow for the warm color can give us a good mood for a whole day. Black Prom Dresses can make you like a sunflower to get anyone attention.

  13. I really love the blue one :D

  14. Cute dresses! I love the pink one<3