Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Hi loves, 
Hope your week is off to a good start. Todays' post is all about this homecoming dresses from cocomelody.

This dresses will transform you ,leave you feeling sexy. They  are absolutely stunning and breathtaking.For me a dress  that  speaks volume does it for me.Isn't this surely a conversational starter.The detailing at the top is for sure so beautiful a pure work of art.

Saturday, 27 June 2015


Hi everyone
Hope you all had  a lovely week.The days are passing so far just another  day it was a saturday and now here we are .I got this dress awhile back when my twin and i did a bit of thrift shopping.What got my eyes most is the ruffles and the also that it  fits perfectly just tops it all.I paired it with nude heels which according to me they are a must have in any lady's closet.A few accessories and a black handbag.I wore this look to lunch with my family

Bag available glamourglitz style for our local readers

Our obssesion with telenovelas continues.One of the latest shows part of me is kinda becoming interesting episode  after episode .I love its stortyline ,which is not your usual telenovela storylines so unique and quite interesting.I have to say dstv really knows how to pick them out. That being said fearless heart  and queen of heart still remain to be some of the best telenovelas ever,you can see our short write up about them Here and  Here.Any fan of this telenovela show, part of me what do you think of the show so far?
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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Keeping Warm: Light Sweater & Scarf

                                                                            Hi loves,

Hope you are enjoying your week so far. Today we are sharing this comfy look. A chic pairing of jeans and a sweater quite simple. Trying to keep warm as much as i can. I dread getting a cold because once i do it really takes a toil on me, and with cold have to do some layering. I find the secret for elevating such an outfit a pair of heels or just a piece of statement accessory, something to make it stand out.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Hi Loves, 
today we are sharing this gowns from http://www.pickedlooks.com/ .An online shop that offers ball dresses, long ball dresses, short ball dresses, cheap ball dresses, plus size ball dresses, prom dresses and evening dresses. who needs designer gowns when you can have this pretty ones at an affordable price and so beautiful too.
They have a large variety of fashionable gowns for women. Be it a formal event, a dinner, a party or prom they have got you sorted out.Whether its  long ,short,classic,contemplary,strappless,an a line sweetheart  just any style and design that suits and flatters your body.All you have to be is openminded you may find a style that you never thought would look good on you.

Sunday, 21 June 2015


Hi everyone and happy weekend.
What do you think of when you hear of 70's fashion?
For me  mostly its the big hair and ofcourse the flare pants.So here we are today showing you a 70's inspired look.This is one of those fashion trends that never really fade away.I paired this flare pants with my white sleeveless top and i tied infroint to make it even cooler.I love this pants they fit perfectly and the length is awesome, and they are kinda some distressed detail on top.
 What to keep in mind when rocking  the 70s fashion trend :is to keep the flared trend looking modern, just avoid pairing with  tight tops instead go for something more relaxed and  slightly oversized.Hope you like this look as much as we do.

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Friday, 19 June 2015


Happy weekend everyone.
Today we are happy to bring to you this amazing site 10 dollarmall that specializes in so many things such as accessories,shoes,men and women wear,jewerly and many more.Having gone through the site what got my eyes more   is the wide range of shoes they are so many and the good thing is that they are also very affordable.If you saw a pair of shoe that you always dreamed and fantasied about going for less than 10$,what would you say?It's your lucky day right?Being an online shopper i always look for sites with good deals and you can't say this isn't a good bargain. Make sure you check out this site very affordable and good quality pieces.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Hello everyone,hope your week is going on well as our's is.
Today we are foccusing on some the things that are essential for us ladies to carry in our handbag.Well you can call it handbag essentials. So today we are taking you on a tour and you can see what you will find in our handbag on a normal day.Some of itemsyou will definety find in our handbag include:
2.Coin purse
3.Small makeup bag,which includes things like safetly pins pods,small eyeshadow pack just incase of any touch ups needed.
4.Hand lotions.Any lady out there knows how important it is to have our hands moisturizered.
5.Wipes.This includes both wet wipes and normal tissues just incase of any spill or something like that.Can also act as hand sanitizer.
6.Tab &a phone.Need to catch up with the latest news on any social media.
7.Notebook & a pen (sometimes)
9.Water bottle.We all need to keep hydrated  and for us it's lemon water always.
We have left out some things like pads,earphones so next timewe will include them

Wallet and coin purse from Dresslink

Make sure you check them out too.Apart from wallets only you can find some more cool   items too from dresslink

Sunday, 14 June 2015


When it comes to summer its surely the best time of the year.Today we are showing you some the pieces we consider essential for the summer.To some of us its already summer,for us here we still have some time to get ready.Its time to cut down on those carbs and hit the gym or rather get into a workout routine so as to get to that that body we dream of.Some of the wardrobe staples for summer are hats ,sunglasses,sandals,a bikini set just to mention a few.For us we are now stocking our wardrobe with some light pieces like sleevess tops,lots of shorts and fancy dresses, lots of sheer too. Basically clothes with light material to keep the heat off. How do you do your hair during summer? 

Thursday, 11 June 2015


Happy Friday everyone.
Just a quick post to say hello and show you this look perfect for the weekend.I love this animal print pants,the design and the fit is so awesome.I paired  it with this knitted sleeveless top and i love the whole outcome so relaxed and chic too.To add abit of colour i added the ankle boots which are socomfotable to walk in,. Hope you like this look.Do you wear knitted tops?
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Monday, 8 June 2015


Happy Tuesday everyone
Today is a quick post showing you what  i wore awhile back to the movies when  took my nieces to watch an animation called yellow bird.The post  all about this little red dress.Just as it's often  said that the lbd is a must any lady's closet i think as it comes to little red dress is a must too.Am currently obessed with it,it fits perfectly just like a glove.The little details(the v neck and the beaded part) on  it  adds the wow factor.Nowdays the weather here has been so unpredictable so i added my animal print jacket.I accessoried with this bag which can be carried in two ways as a clutch and also as across body bag awesome right.Sometimesitsalways nice to give our feet a rest fromthe heels as you can see from here.
Hope you like this pairing as much as we do.

For our local reader you can get the dress and the bag from glamourglitzstyle

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Friday, 5 June 2015


Hello everyone
Hope you all had a lovely week.For us it was ok just relaxing and keeping warm,its been raining non stop almost on a daily basis.
Am a big fan of long tops,i find them so beautiful and very   easy to style.The options are endless.You can pair them with pants,leggings,shorts and so on.This particular one is actually one of  my sister's purchases from Pakistan.This long top is currently my best,the colours and the pattern on it is so  stunning.You can see a few ways  i have worn long top over leggings here  and here.
I love the colour palette in this look everything blends in together,this shade of blue is one of my favourite colours  and when i saw this long top i knew instantly i had to pair it with this pants.For the accessories i kept them minimal just a few statement rings and a necklace. Am not a huge  fan of nude lipstick i think they  dont stand out that much compared to brigther or more dark shades but i think for this look ,it turned out awesome.Hope you like the pictures and the look too.Feel free to tell us how you style your long top.

Bag available at glamourglitz (for our local readers).

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Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Hi loves,
Hope your week is going on well.
The weather is not good at all,its raining so much like everydayand that means it's time to remove all the warm clothes we have stucked away.
Today we are showing you how we styled this  grey stripped dress.I have had  this grey stripped dress for a quite some time now , i used to wear it alot when i was in Law school.Back then i styled it more official but this time round i had abit of fun with it.  Paired with spiked accessories that is   the shoes and the bracelet.They both add that edgy feeling.Isn't this lipstick shade stunning?Loving darker lipstick shades nowdays.For one to rock such a shade you ought to be daring.
Carrying a bag from our online store,for our local readers you can check it out at  glamourglitz 
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