Sunday, 31 January 2016


Every girl dreams of perfect hair.Hair that looks good day in day out with no bad hair days. While in reality this may not always be the case, a good wig or even extensions will always save the day.Today we are sharing some wholesale human hair from a website known as Finding Dream. What I like most about the site is the variety that they have. Which ranges from wigs, wholesale hair extensions, weaves to even tips on how to wear and take care of them. Good thing they have wholesale prices which makes their products cheaper. Am also sharing my three  dos when it comes to wigs too. Most women are embracing wigs now as compared to the past.

I think Cookie from Empire(am sure most of us have watched this series )looks fantastic in them.My most important to do thing when it comes to a wig is to choose the most natural looking one. Something that doesn't scream fake.
Perfect cut . Getting it cut to your face, it doesn't matter what the price is.Full lace wigs have become popular now, with their natural look and their comfort.
Accessorize. Try putting a pin or even a band.

Ain't this hair piece just beautiful. This is a perfect example on how to accessorize a wig.
I love the statement that Coloured hair makes.
It doesn't have to be full head colour, some highlights will do perfectly.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Hello everyone.Today is a quick post .Something you can wear on a relaxing day maybe to go to the mall for a little bit shopping.I love the details on the dress the zipper just adds abit of edgeness and the peplum part  make it more fun.I added a few accessories and not so high wedges.
BROKEN ANGEL a telenovela that my twin is in love and obsessed

with.(well she is obsessed with all of them) It so happens that telemundo has decided to repeat it.It has one of the sick storyline and the theme song speechless.Its one of the best telenovela ever.We are big fans of telemundo their telenovelas are  awesome.We have actually written more on some of our very best telenovelas forbidden passion,part of me,memoirs of a telenovala addict,Queen of heart(this remains to be my favourite) 

Friday, 22 January 2016


Hello everyone.
The weekend is here so happy i get to spend some more time with family and off course my two cats kitty and cutey
Today we are showing a simple look to rock in these chilly days.Its been raining so much here so it was time to remove our trench coats,sweaters,boots  just anything to keep us warm enough. I love this boots,i have had them for a long time now.I added my trenchcoat and  a scarf.Simple and chic too. Incase you missed out our previous post check it out  (GLITTER & GLITZ).
Hope you will love this post. 
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Monday, 18 January 2016


Hello everyone
Happy new week everyone.
Well the week is off to a good start here,a bit of rain which is unexpected and lately have been obsessed with Gotham.Its such an awesome show i dont know how  i have  missed it this far.Isn't penguin something else.So if you haven't watched it we (my twin &i )highly recommed it.
Today we are showing you how to style a really short dress.
I have had this dress for a few years just laying there on my closet,its a little bit short so i found out a fun way to style it with my faux leather leggings that i really love.With this dress i really didn't need to add any accessory as  the dress  does all the accessorizing. I added my favourite pumps just to add a touch of colour.You can see how i styled this leggings before here
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Monday, 11 January 2016

Getting back in shape: Festive Season Aftermath

                                                                              Hello Loves,

Today we are sharing a look perfect for the office and some tips for getting back in shape after the festive season  or after taking some break. About the dress, I purchased it like an year ago but haven't gotten round to wearing it yet. But I do think it makes for a perfect office look styled with a pair of heels and minimalistic accessories. What do you think of this styling? Now that the holidays are over and our normal routines have resumed. What to do to get back in shape? We all, most us do seem to pack up a little more pounds from all the yummy food and the treats.

Monday, 4 January 2016


Hello everyone 
Time to wide up the holiday festives and get back to normal routine.We wish a prosperous  and a 2016.
Have you made your resoultions yet?For us something we want to focus more on is exercising and eating right.
We starts off the year with this duo shoot.Both of us in these beautiful little black dresses.Who doesn't love the little black dress?I think it the easiest item to style and end up looking like a million dollars.The little tiny details are the ones that makes a look stands out.We love the pockets,the buttons and the zippers on the dresses.You can check out some of  our best  duo  shoot  we have done here, & here
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