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Nails are as much an important part of the body like any other. Leave alone accessories, nails make your hands look chic and elegant, so why not keep them looking good. One of my rule is not to leave the house with chipped nails, normally i do my nails 4 times a month actually on every weekend , mostly because i like changing the colour week after week,

Today we are sharing our tips on keeping our nails healthy and looking good. We shot this pictures in beauty Salon the_top_rose as we got our nails done. I love the outcome and have honestly gotten so many compliments.
  A good moisturizer/ Hand cream. My to go to is Lanolin a Luron product. leaves your hands super soft. Lately i have been using Nivea Cream which has the same effect. I use the two religiously before bed and after washing my hands. Try several see what works best for you.

Rubber Gloves, I use these for chores, like doing the dishes and cleaning the house. it minimizes the contact of nails with water, which tends to weaken the nails.

Removing the existing polish with  a good nail polish remover. This and buffering  helps in keeping the nail surface smooth. Apply the cuticle cream. Helps keep the cuticles soft and easy to get them out. Trimming and filing the nails helps in making them strong. There are no rough edges ,which makes the nails to break easily.

Using nail hardener and primer. the Primer serves as a basis for the other colours to follow. i find the two quite helpful since they keep the nails from discoloring. We were trying a new technique, new to us since its the first time each of us did it. It was quite interesting, the colours you choose are applied on a sponge then pressed on the nail. The number of colours depend on how long the nails are. so i   choose 4 colours  while my twin choose 3 which our nails could accomodate. Each coat stays in the UV machine for about 3-5 minutes. Then after the whole process is done you get a hand massage.

This is one of the best nail salons i have  gone to. The service was great.You get undivided attention. The staff very courteous and welcoming.  What do you guys think of the outcome? I do like the outcome thinking of having the colors on for about 3 weeks.

For those in Nairobi try The Top Rose Beauty Salon, get gel polish for as low as Kshs. 500.They have a branch in town and another in westlands at the krishina Centre. 
                                            We hope you enjoyed our tips on nail care.
                                               Nails The Top Rose
                                               Photography Jose Thome Photography

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  1. Great post! I'm so bad at taking care of my nails :(

  2. cool nail art
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  3. Great post dear! :)

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  4. Great tips! It is a little challenging keeping nails healthy when they are painted frequently. I love your manicure!

  5. beautiful color

  6. Great!

  7. Your nails look great... I love getting mine done, I am hoping to start getting them done in the fall again... the colors are awesome xox

  8. Very lovely! I like this so much.

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  9. Very helpful and interesting. I certainly need to pay more attention to mine

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  10. Thanks dear :D

    Amazing nail care process :D

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  11. Love the colors and your nails.

  12. I tried Shellac 3 weeks ago and at the place where I went it was a complete lasts 2 days -__- I used Groupon for the coupon

  13. Very useful tips! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW OUTFIT POST

  14. So cool what you show here!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  15. I keep hand cream in my purse, at my desk, on my vanity- everywhere! So important!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  16. nails are very important to care about I absolutely agree. awesome nail-do!

    Inside and Outside Blog
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  17. They look amazing... so beautiful!!

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