Wednesday, 4 April 2018

April Favourites: Gale Cream & Soap

Happy April! 
This has got to be my best month, mostly because it is our birthday month. Today's post revolves around this post that I have gotten to love over the month of March. A friend introduced me to Gale products when i needed them the most. I remember battling with break outs almost the whole of last year. I have seen some tremendous results over the last one month. The instructions on the box says 9 days but mine took a bit longer to see my face clearing. What I like most if the feel after using the soap. the skin feels awesome. So  far there are no side effects and I really hope I do not get any. I did my google search and nothing on the side effects popped up. 

If you have used this products before or know someone who has we would appreciate some thoughts, well even if its your first time hearing about them ☺☺.  
Thanks a lot for reading . 
Talk to you soon. 
Carole & Juelz


  1. I've never heard about this product before but your skin looks amazing!

  2. Interesting products, thanks for sharing:)

  3. Happy Birthday month.

  4. I've never heard of this before, but I'm glad it worked for you!

    Scent of Summer

  5. Interesting, I didn't know this brand!

  6. I also break out so this soap sounds right up my alley:) And I'm an April girl too!

  7. Looks interesting, I must to try it :-)

  8. April is also my birthday month. This product seems great!

  9. Intresting post dear :)