Sunday Moodboard: Online Shopping

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Happy Sunday!
How do you guys go about online shopping? I am sure I am not the only one who goes from site to site looking deals and where I can get a similar item at a cheaper rate. I also consider the return policy and if there is free shipping. If there is something I find to be a drag is the shipping. I don't know if you guy has noticed that most clothing stores are having massive sales at the moment. And when I talk of massive I mean even up to 80%. Tried making some purchases but the shipping was just too much. I want to share some coupons that I have found useful. What do you guys think of coupons? 

I personally love them because I get to save some extra cash. The first that I loved is Hasoffer Free Coupon Online, This I found to have some awesome deals and coupon. that can be used for clothing, food, beauty, shoes, and electronics. The other one that I have been obsessed with is Real Food Coupons Online this has quite a variety of things to choose from. And gives you insight on some stores that have massive sales. Another that I love is Free Real Redmart Coupon Codes. Basically what the three site do is point you towards online shops with deals, which can be, free shipping and sales. the sites that will find listed in them are such as Macy's, OldNavy and Addidas among others.
I hope this helps in your next shopping adventure? I would also like to hear how you go about online shopping. 

With lots of Love 

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  1. So going to have to check out these coupons sites.

  2. Hi Caroline
    I think its a big deal, buy in sales and have free shipping its great.
    Well its something to consider whem buying.

  3. Hello, thanks for the information. Have a nice day! xx

  4. I love coupons and deals, thanks for the websites!

  5. Wow, very good to know, thanks for sharing this precious info with us!