Online Shopping.

Hello Everyone,
Today post is about shopping, mostly online shopping. We have included some of our online purchases. I am 95% certain, that all fashion lovers love online shopping. I don't know how i survived before i knew how easy it is to just click and have something delivered. But with time i have come to realize that
with  one can really get a good deal, if you do your homework well, you definately get what you are looking for and at a cheaper price. Well who doesn't love shopping at the comfort of their seats?

have you guys heard of  pay monthly catalogues? well it is as it sounds. some sites do allows paying in installments which i think its an added advantage. meaning one will have the plesure of buying what you want and pay in small installments. you are allowed to pay in monthly installments. this therefore depends on how much the cost of the item you are purchasing . Pay Monthly Catalogues allows you to shop for what you want and pay in instalments.Such an awesome deal. Some catalogues that offer men stuff are  such as Fashion World, Jacamo and Premier Man.there is no limitation as to what you can purchase. the list is endless, talk of jackets, skirts, tops, pants, sweaters, designer bags or shoes and many more.

Its also has the good and the negative side too . For us we have had instances where sites don't ship to our country after been so exicted of finding something nice, we also purchased rings and by the time they got to us one was broken, the site did agree to send a similar ring. Other times the package take so long you even forget you purchased something. But i am for online shopping despite having experienced this, since they are rare occassions. Most of the time we get our packages in good condition, and it takes like a month depending on the mode of shipping. what has been your experience with online shopping?

    Thanks alot for reading. 
lots of love.
Carole &Juelz

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  1. That is such an interesting concept for online shopping! I had never heard of it before.

  2. Fab idea!

    Keisha xo

  3. I definitely love online shopping - I may be addicted ;)

  4. I like that pay monthly thing. It reminds me of when I did layaway payments for my Super Nintendo :) Boop beep boop 1UP :) You both have such amazing taste and shopping at home rocks!

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  5. I think this is a good way to shop by paying it off before you get it... kind of like lay a way... we used to do that all the time and now the stores have stopped xox

  6. super gorgeous rings
    Keep in touch

  7. Love ur rings!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  8. Oh yes, I love online shopping too!
    Thanks for your last comment! Your comments always make me happy :)

  9. Nice jewelry!

  10. I like online shopping but hate the wait for the products :D
    Love the rings you ladies bought. The fist one is my favorite!

  11. stunning jewelry

  12. Cute details, such an interesting post!
    Never heard of those catalogues but now I'm interested to read more about them!


  13. I'm a big fan of online shopping :)

  14. I love online shopping, especially on sites like ebay and amazon where you can find amazing deals!

  15. Great stuffs dear! I love online shopping,it's convenient and easy. The thing is it sometimes drain my budget! haahhaa

    love lots,

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