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 Today we are sharing some items that can become handy in your household. Silicone molds. Silicone molds are becoming increasingly popular and more sustainable than plastics. They are also more durable. 

The use of silicone DIY mold has been on the rise. This is because of the many advantages that come with it. The benefits of these molds include tear resistance, strong tensile properties, high-temperature resistance, non-toxic and harmless, and corrosion resistance, among others.  You can use the mold for numerous things, such as candle making, baking cakes and bread, and epoxy resin DIY. NEW TOP offers a lot of silicone molds, and they can also custom-make the one you want. They offer products ranging from Silicone Mom and Baby, Silicone Teether, Silicone Feeding Set, Silicone Rings, Silicone Ice Tray, Silicone Houseware, Medical Applications, and Silicone DIY molds, among others.

A lot of people are leaning more toward using silicone for their children as opposed to plastic. Silicone does not contain harmful toxins, such as BPS, BPA, microplastics, or phthalates. They can be used for baby goods, cookware, and medical supplies. Below are some baby-mom products that you can check out. They include a silicone breast pump

There is a huge variety of Custom Silicone Molds, which come at a very affordable price. You can get a much mold for making candles below. 

Check out the site to see the variety of products available.

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